Monday, 2 March 2015

5 days till 2015 Alberta Youth Cross Country Ski Championships

Things are looking great in Bragg Creek for this coming weekend's AYC.  While it snowed very little in Calgary and Canmore the past week, Bragg Creek has received 4 days of snow and conditions are great!  This morning, we are receiving another big dump of snow - at this point we are very confident we will be skiing at West Bragg Trails this weekend.  Here are a few images from my ski there on Sunday March 1, 2015.

West Bragg Meadow - this is our Stadium - start-finish area

this is West Crystal line - a new trail we will use as part of this year's AYC

our trail groomers, Carver and Jeff, on the new West Crystal Link Climb that will be part of the 3k skate course and 2.5/5k classic courses

top of stairway to heaven descent that will be used as part of 3k skate course and 2.5/5k classic races

at the bottom of the toboggan hill about 1k from the end of the skate race course

another view of West Bragg Meadow Stadium

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