Thursday, 3 March 2016

AYC 2016 - Bragg Creek - Course Map

Course Map - Individual and Wave Start races at Alberta Youth Cross Country Ski Championships 2016 - Bragg Creek

Base elevation at West Bragg Ski Trails - 1404m

Total Distance:  2.4km

Total Climb:  66m

Max elevation: 1470m

Course description:  Racers start travelling east through stadium; loop back on the chickadee trail; across 200m bridge; west along Moose connector trail; climb to summit on crystal link 4; descend on middle crystal to sundog to trail head bridge; onto chickadee to finish

This course will be used for the 2.5km interval skate race on saturday morning.  On Sunday, the wave start classic race - minimidgets ski 2.5km and midgets ski 5km.

The relay follows the same beginning as the the skate interval start race but turns on the crystal link 1 200m past the 200m bridge; then loops back onto sundog and across the trailhead bridge and back to stadium.