Sunday, 22 February 2015

Alberta Youth Cross Country Ski Championships - 2 weeks out!

With the cancellation of numerous events in southern Alberta this winter, there has been lots of inquiry about what snow conditions are like at West Bragg Ski Trails and whether we will be able to host the 2015 AYC in Bragg Creek in 2 weeks - the short answer is YES!  If the event had been held this weekend, the competitions would have gone ahead, we are confident that the 2015 AYC will happen!

Here are a bunch of photos taken Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 6pm.  As you will see - good snow coverage - very skiable - in fact I skied the whole race trail and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was!  Bragg Creek rec'd snow last week - lets hope it stays cold and snowy!

We are planning back up locations - saturday possibilities include Canada Olympic Park or Mt Shark, and sunday possibilities include Canmore Nordic Centre.  Be prepared that you may have to drive on the saturday to the venue with your group if we are not at West Bragg.

These are real pictures - not photoshopped - of West Bragg Creek on Sunday Feb 22.  Very skiable today!  Lets keep our fingers crossed that we can ski at West Bragg at AYC 2015!

Roy Strum
Chief of Event
2015 Alberta Youth Cross Country Ski Championships
Bragg Creek

West Bragg Meadow - start finish area

200m bridge going over Bragg Creek

west crystal line - at about km 500m out on 3km loop

west crystal line at about 1km out on 3km loop

West Crystal Link Climb - this is new big climb to the high point on the race loop - beautiful conditions today!

Stairway to Heaven decent - at about 1.5km

Sundog trail at about 2km

mountain road - warm up trail

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